Selecting the culms

I’ve selected the 7 culms (fancy word for a bamboo pole) for the first frame. Here’s a pic of them laid out into the respective parts of the frame:

And here’s a view of the thickness of the downtube:

I also ventured to my local hardware store and picked up some epoxy resin, glass coat,  borax, beeswax and some other glues and finishes to test the curing and joint making processes with:

I haven’t managed to find Boric Acid anywhere yet thou. I suspect I’ll be able order it online somewhere, or it might be available at a chemist.

One thought on “Selecting the culms”

  1. Boric Acid – we ordered some online – Trademe (New Zealand) to use mixed with icing sugar for cockroach control. I’m not sure about Trans-Tasman postage, but surely over the ditch you can find some in a similar place. It was dirt cheap and mailed to us in an envelope, which was fascinating considering biosecurity here and new millenium anthrax terrorism scares… Anyway, just thought I’d share that in case it helps. Nice blog by the way, kind of inspires me to get back to work on updating mine more than every six months. Corker, beauty, cracker. Ripper, bonza, grause!

    : )

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