Carbon fibre wet layup – stage 2

Unwrapping the first layer this morning and it’s all gone well. The cling wrap’s left lots of wrinkles in the resin, which isn’t ideal, but for these base layers it’s ok as it’ll all get sanded back. Hopefully by the time I’m on my final layer’s I’ll be shrink-wrapping with better precision.

I’m now onto the 2nd and 3rd layers. Each layer I’m making from a slightly smaller template so the edges of the carbon fibre will gradually taper off rather than being a sharp drop off to where the bamboo is.

2 thoughts on “Carbon fibre wet layup – stage 2”

  1. Careful when sanding carbon. I believe the dust particles can be quite harmful if inhaled (might want to check that). Either way probably best to do it outside with a facemask on.

    Great progress as always Mik. Looking forward to future updates.

  2. Cheers Sam! I’ve been wet sanding the carbon so it’d doesn’t kick up any dust, but on the odd occasion I do dry sand I do use gloves and a dust mask.

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