Precision engineering

There’s something very sexy about lasers. Besides being commonly attached to sharks they’re also very sexy in that they can cut through 6mm stainless steel like it’s butter. That’s right folks – the drop-outs I designed have been laser cut by the good folk at New Touch Laser and delivered to my door. I’ve got 10 sets cut, which means there’s a run of 10 bamboo bikes being built in the very near future!

Here’s some pics of the drop-outs, me tapping the thread for the derailleur screw in and how they’ll integrate into the bamboo chain-stays:

One thought on “Precision engineering”

  1. While I have been looking for a precision engineering manufacturer to make some metal casings for my company, I came across your bicycle site. This is very innovative and also I love that you are using a harvest material to make something lighter. I am an avid biker and you will definitely hear from me again.

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