Panda progress

Bamboo Bike #3, dubbed The Panda by its eventual owner is nearing completion. I’ve laid up 95% of the carbon fibre and just need to do some final cosmetic layers and then lots of finishing. Then comes the tricky things like brake holes, derailleur mounts and cable stops.  Then some clear coat, then some testing!

Bamboo Bike #4 isn’t far away either. The head-tube’s been wrapped and the rest is scheduled to be done next week.

Here’s a few progress pics of The Panda:

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3 Responses to Panda progress

  1. Tim G says:

    Looking at the size of that headtube…is this for my (six-foot-plus-sized) mate Dave B?

  2. Mik Efford says:

    Dave’s is number 4, but there’s very little difference between the frame sizes. #3 is over 6 foot too!

  3. hockeyfan says:

    ich finde diesen artikel wirklich interessant. kannst du nicht einen “gefällt-mir” button von facebook einbauen?

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