Finishing the Panda

The Panda’s getting the finishing touches now. 3 coats of clear coat to be exact. Here’s some pics after the first coat was still wet:

The Samurai isn’t that far behind. The head-tube’s all wrapped up and I’ll be able to work on her lots more once The Panda’s out the door. It’s been an interesting process to try to build two bikes at once – it seems like there’d be areas for time-saving, but in reality I’ve only got two hands and each bike requires such a huge amount of detailed work that you just can’t spread yourself thin that easily. Lesson learned for the future I guess!


2 thoughts on “Finishing the Panda”

  1. Hi,

    To make the large steps where the carbon meets the bamboo, did you simply wrap the green tape around many time to create a wall/large dropoff? I really like the look and wanted to know how this was achieved?



  2. You’re correct Brett! The tape just provides an edge to work to. I also use a pipe clamps during the finishing process to create an even edge for trimming excess CF and resin.

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