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All tacked up.

Got the new jig all set and the 2nd frame all tacked up last night. Next is to do the brake and chain stay bridges, then onto a layer of fibreglass (only around the metal parts) then carbon fibre!

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Precision engineering

There’s something very sexy about lasers. Besides being commonly attached to sharks they’re also very sexy in that they can cut through 6mm stainless steel like it’s butter. That’s right folks – the drop-outs I designed have been laser cut by … Continue reading

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Melbourne Bike Fest win!

Woohoo! Bamboo Bikes won the ‘Healthy’ category of Melbourne Bike Fest! Here’s me accepting my prize (A sweet Gazelle Chamonix bike!) and making a silly non-sensical speech: Many thanks to Pip Carroll & Georgi Lewis and all the other lovely … Continue reading

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Melbourne Bike Fest

It just so happens that we’re a finalist in the Melbourne Bike Festival’s “Better by Bike” competition! The awards night is this Thursday from 6-8pm, so come on down to £1000 Bend and say hello!

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Getting a jiggle on

I decided to splurge out on a better jig, as the home-made setup I was previously using was a bastard to adjust and get everything level and straight. So I ordered some Maytec aluminium extrusion and components and now have … Continue reading

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Something to ponder

“We bear in mind that the object being worked on is going to be ridden in, sat upon, looked at, talked into, activated, operated, or in some other way used by people. When the point of contact between the product … Continue reading

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Bamboo Bike #2 – The Daisy

The second bike is underway. She’ll be a similar vein to Maisy, but for a friend named Daisy. I’ve got the front triangle mitred and the drop-outs are being laser cut. Progress!

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Bamboo Bike Frame Strength Test

Above is a video of my homemade frame testing apparatus. It’s far from scientific, but good enough to satisfy my curiosity as to whether or not the frame passes the AS/NZS 1927:1998 Frame & Fork Assembly test. The method described … Continue reading

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Laser-cut drop-outs

I’m in the process of designing the second bamboo bike and have decided to go down the route of making custom drop-outs. The ones I sourced for the first bike were OK, but they needed a lot of modification in … Continue reading

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A few bits of Bamboo bling

The final touches on the finished bike – a Bamboo headset spacer, and a hub spacer for the single speed cog it’s running. And a photoshoot…

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Over the finish line

After some 5 long months the first bike is finished! I’ll write more up soon, but first impressions are it’s a sturdy smooth ride. 10.2kg with the current build on it, but could easily get under 10kg with some lighter … Continue reading

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form over function

I’m not normally one for superflous veneers, but when given the opportunity to pimp my bamboo bike even more I just couldn’t resist.  With 2 hubs in tow (one new, one old), I measured the diameters between the flanges and … Continue reading

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High gloss

Two layers of top coat later and the frame’s all finished!  It’s not the smoothest of finishes. There’s a few carbon fibre/cat hairs stuck in there and imperfections of my sanding back are clearly visible. Still, it’s just a prototype … Continue reading

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Sanded back

Today I put the last 2 layers of carbon on the seat-tube and then finally got to unwrap all the tubes and sand back the joints and bamboo. Here’s what she looks like now: The only things left to do … Continue reading

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Finishing touches

Today I’ve put the first of the final touches to the frame – a carved bamboo head-tube Cognitive logo. It’s a bit simplified, but that’s ok as it will probably change down the track anyway. The only things left to … Continue reading

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