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Getting jiggy with it

I’ll stop the puns soon. I swear. Built some standoffs for the headtube and rear end. Check em out: The degree of accuracy of this jig is probably not within the tolerances of a well made bike, so I’ll have … Continue reading

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Enter the jig…

Started work today on a flat wooden jig that will hold the frame in place while I tack the joints and generally put it together. I found an old cupboard door, which to my luck had 33mm holes drilled in … Continue reading

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Parts, parts, parts!

Just like the out of work actor Tobias Fünke mistakenly finding a Tractor Pull magazine (thinking it said Actor Pull) and seeing thousands of parts inside, I too became excited when the delivery man arrived today with my bike parts: … Continue reading

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Bamboo Bicycle Stand

So the end product of my test composite joint making is a bamboo bike stand! Here she is: I’ve designed it to exactly fit a 700C road wheel, but it could easily be made with wider slots for wider wheels. … Continue reading

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Resin, sisal and bamboo test joint

While I’m still waiting on parts and hemp fibre to arrive I decided to have another go at making a composite joint with fibreglass resin, sisal twine and a 3-way bamboo mitred bamboo joint. Here’s the workspace: Here’s the initial … Continue reading

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The makings of a cyclocross frame

I’ve recently decided to build a cyclocross frame for the first prototype. I figure if anything’s going to test out the durability of a frame it’ll be a cyclocross race. That and it’s the only sort of bike I don’t … Continue reading

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A visit to Bamboo Australia

I’ve flown up to Queensland this week to see Bamboo Australia and their amazing supply of bamboo. Arrived there today and spent a good 3 hours breaking the ears off the lovely staff and asking possibly too many questions.  Here’s … Continue reading

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bamboo joinery

Today we started the process of learning about how to make joints with bamboo. Using a Dremel we cut mitres into the 3 bits of wood and then stuck them together with an epoxy paste. Once that’s dry we’ll start … Continue reading

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Why not to buy a titanium bike frame

Titanium seems to top the list in CO2 footprint… ouch!

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bio-resins – alternatives to epoxy resin

I’ve been researching bio resins for use in the bamboo frames and discovering a whole beautiful world of people making resins out of things like soy. There’s an interesting PDF here that details the environment costs and benefits of creating … Continue reading

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Selecting the culms

I’ve selected the 7 culms (fancy word for a bamboo pole) for the first frame. Here’s a pic of them laid out into the respective parts of the frame: And here’s a view of the thickness of the downtube: I … Continue reading

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Curing bamboo

Bamboo is susceptible to mould and bugs if left untreated so I’m planning on following this procedure for curing the bamboo, which basically involves soaking it in borax and boric acid solution for 2 weeks. After this I’ll dry the … Continue reading

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The process begins

I’m starting a journey of discovery into 2 things. The way of bamboo and the way of the bike frame. I plan on making 2 prototype bikes with mostly bamboo frames. One with lugged steel joints, the other with woven … Continue reading

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