4 thoughts on “Why not to buy a titanium bike frame”

  1. Where did you get this data? Just curious.
    I found it odd that brick features so far down the list. I thought it was an energy intensive beastie due to all the cooking required.
    And then having ‘au naturale’ products like granite and slate further up – I wonder what they are taking into account there?

  2. Kind of a strange way of looking at it. Most people that own titanium bikes own them for life. Titanium is one of the most durable bike materials. It wont corrode like steel, wont fatigue like aluminium, and wont fail like carbon fibre. By the time you have worn out your ‘normal’ frame material, titanium just goes on and on. Some might say ‘carbon neutral’…

  3. Ti is like Al. They’re like, congealed metallic electricity. V expensive to smelt, refine.

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