Foam & carbon

I’m using expanding filler foam on this frame as lightweight way to make the joints more curvaceous (and thus stronger). It’s super easy to sand back and shape and doesn’t take long to set.

I’ve done the initial wrappings of the rear end and head-tube with 12K carbon fiber tow. So far it’s taken 90metres of the stuff!  I’ll cover these in 1-3 layers of woven carbon fiber cloth then 2 layers of clear coat. Job done.

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4 Responses to Foam & carbon

  1. beta says:

    That was a really joy of a piece

  2. Derrick says:

    So how did the expanding foam work out? Are you still using this method?



  3. Justin says:

    Hey, I’ve built a couple bamboo bikes now, and I’m just about to start another one, I was thinking of using the expanding foam for filleting the joints, how did this work out for you? Would you recommend it, or have you found a better method?
    Thanks for any insight.


  4. Mik Efford says:

    I found it a bit finicky to be honest. I’d go with balsa wood, or just using mixed epoxy with lots of filler added to it.

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