Top Coats

The frame’s all done except for the top coats of epoxy resin. I’ve applied the first and it’s hanging up to dry. This will be sanded back and then 3 more coats applied. Check out the pics:

I’ve tried my hardest to make the carbon fibre as smooth as possible with this frame. It’s a balancing act between sanding back too much or leaving a few wrinkles. It’s painstaking work, and at some point you just have to stop and say, that’ll do – it is after all, a handmade frame and should have a few handmade qualities about it. I am, however, investigating new methods for the carbon-fibre layup that can decrease the time spent on the process.

2 thoughts on “Top Coats”

  1. Are you using any sort of overwrap or vacuum bagging? That might do a lot for making things smoother. It will also make the fiber-volume fraction in the CFRP higher, making the joint stronger. I have never worked with it on a bake, but I hope to soon!

  2. Hi Whitney, not for the top-coats, they’re just painted on one after the other. For the CF layers thou I use PVC tape to overwrap the joints and compress them. I also pin-prick the tape to let excess resin flow out. I haven’t looked closely into vacuum bagging, as the complexity of some of the joints would make it quite tricky. If you know of any good techniques that can work in complex shapes let me know!

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