Getting jiggy with it

I’ll stop the puns soon. I swear.

Built some standoffs for the headtube and rear end. Check em out:

The degree of accuracy of this jig is probably not within the tolerances of a well made bike, so I’ll have to resort to a lengthy process of alignment checking after the initial tack gluing. I’ve seen laser levels used with jigs to check alignment, so might go get one of them.

2 thoughts on “Getting jiggy with it

  1. Hi there. I came across your site whilst researching bamboo bikes on google as I’m planning to build one myself as a hobby project. I’m really impressed by what you’ve done so far, and plan to rely heavily on your photo’s and descriptions when I get started myself! Was wondering though, would you mind posting diameters of the bamboo pieces you’re using? I’ve got you loaded in google reader so that I don’t miss any posts, good luck with the bike!
    Shelldon (South Africa)

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