The Panda is born.

The Panda lives. I built her up today and her owner rode off happily into the sunset! I’d love to show you more photos, but instead I’m just going to tease you with the couple above and hope that you’ll come to the Made to Measure exhibition to see her in the flesh. It’s running July 21-24 and is to be held at the Royal Melbourne Exhibition Building. Think NAHBS, but smaller and all local! Click on the logo below to find out the details. It’s going to be great!

One thought on “The Panda is born.”

  1. Hi,

    Thank you very much for a very informative site, and congrats for the great-looking bikes!

    I’m living in France and trying to make my own bamboo mtb frame bike.

    I looked around on the net and think your method is the best. Mitering then wrapping fiber and epoxy. I think I’ll have to go with hemp though because I’m cheap 😉

    The thing I’m most worried about is the rear wheel clearance. You custom dropouts look great,and I’m looking for a place here that could make something similar, but I’d like to make offset seat stays connections. Ideally, I’d like the chain stays connections to be offset too but it seems difficult to make. I guess I would want two screws for the chain stay connections, but it might be not strong enough.

    Again because i’m worried about rear wheel clearance, I’m not sure i neeed to go with 83mm BB sleeve or longer chainstays and 73mm sleeve.

    Finally, the frame geometry. I’m 184cm tall, and I’m looking for a leisure bike, so with a fairly upright sitting position. Would you know a place where I could find a frame calculatior for this kind of needs?

    Anyway, great work!

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